Emily Andrew, an escort for her grandmother's senior travel group, is enjoying the midnight buffets and her quirky charges' exploits on a Hawaiian cruise. Then a history professor onboard to lecture about Captain Cook is pushed into the water. Her friend Tilly had given him an ancient journal that possibly was written by one of Cook's seamen, hoping that he could verify it, and now it's lost. Luckily, her grandmother managed to save a map from the journal, and it points to a spot in Kauai where a buried treasure could be.

As Emily sorts through many possible suspects -- Vikings, Brits, busty college coeds -- the map accidentally gets passed on to all of the ship's passengers. Mayhem ensues as everyone converges on Kauai to dig for the treasure. Emily soon finds herself sporting bruises from some dangerous close-call accidents. And equally troubling is Emily's love life. She ponders whether to wait for a proposal from her sweet long-distance lover, Etienne, or to take up with handsome tour guide Duncan. The high jinks and revelations come to a head at a Halloween ball.

Hunter's Passport to Peril series is pure fun, especially when Emily's grandmother gets in on the action. A surprise ending will satisfy readers, and the humor -- plenty of slapstick and "spicy" comments from the elders -- keeps the plot moving. (Nov., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Tara Gelsomino