Image of Hummingbird Lake: An Eternity Springs Novel


Image of Hummingbird Lake: An Eternity Springs Novel

In the second novel in her Eternity Springs series, March deftly weaves a first-class story of trauma and recovery without relying on shortcuts of divine inspiration. While there is the hint of angelic influence, the characters still must overcome their own problems with their own sweat and tears. The town remains almost impossibly sweet, but at the ame time, its values are appealing.

Sage Anderson has always been somewhat standoffish, but still participates in the quilting group and is friends with the women in the group. She also has traumatic memories that plague her with nightmares and keep her apart from anything to do with children. Colt Rafferty is new to town and suffering burnout from his work tracing the causes of industrial accidents. He is attracted to Sage, but they both must work through their traumas if they are going to be together. (BALLANTINE, Apr., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan