A bit of The Outer Limits lives in this tale of betrayal, love and nefarious experiments. The point of view wobbles back and forth, and some of the scenes could offend squeamish readers. Overall, however, the characters are amazing and the plot of Boyett-Compo's erotic science-fiction tale is unique.

Lieutenant Colonel Shanee does what she's told. It's the only way to advance as a primary riezell guardian. But just because she's a good soldier doesn't mean she always has to like it. When she is ordered off-planet to retrieve a survivor of horrific experiments and return him to his family, she is not happy. And when she finds the survivor, Ailyn, he, too, is displeased with her mission.

He refuses to return with her. Determined to complete her mission, Shanee asks if she can remain with him for a month. When he agrees, she uses the time they have together to get Ailyn to reconsider. But in the process, she falls hard for the man she soon discovers is truly a wolf. Shanee and Ailyn fight for their love and his life when foes from his past threaten to destroy their newly won happiness. (, dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith