Image of The Hungry Season


Image of The Hungry Season

Though it makes it hard to fully sympathize with any single character, Greenwood's use of multiple viewpoints works well to capture the action unfolding in her family story of hope and hunger. The characters are well drawn, and the language is very evocative of the mood of the story, beginning in despair until characters finally discover hope again.

After the death of teenage Franny, the Mason family is trying to recapture some happiness and hope by spending a summer at a lakeside cottage. Franny's father, Sam, a famous author, struggles with grief and writer's block while her mother, Mena, works to repair her marriage and find a new purpose. Finn, Franny's twin, can't get beyond his anger and guilt. The three struggle alone until they come together to protect their family from a crazed fan, illicit drugs and an almost-affair. They emerge healed, but different -- and ready to move on. (KENSINGTON, Feb., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison