Twelve years ago, Miranda Moore escaped from a serial killer, the Bozeman Butcher, but her best friend didn't. To combat her trauma, she decided to become an FBI agent, but her lover and mentor, Quinn Peterson, removed her from the program. Angry and hurt, she returned to Montana to become a search-and-rescue specialist.

The Butcher has continued to hunt and torture college girls, despite the efforts of the authorities. The discovery of another victim forces Quinn and Miranda back into contact. Although he knows that he shattered her dreams, Quinn never stopped loving Miranda. He just realized that her reasons for wanting to become an FBI agent were obsessive and damaging. Now, after all these years, has the killer finally left a clue? Miranda escaped him once, but can she survive a second confrontation?

The second chapter in rising star Brennan's darkly dangerous trilogy is packed with emotional demons and past regrets. Showing her expertise with complicated characters, Brennan builds creations that are flawed but highly intriguing. Terrifying! (Feb., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith