Chick-lit mystery fiction doesn't get much better than this. Sturman blends numerous plotlines easily in a fun, fast-paced story filled with laughable one-liners and some deeper exploration of relationships both old and new. A handful of characters appear together cover to cover and their antics and outlandish ways will entertain readers as they try and solve the case.

A trip to the West Coast, including both business and pleasure, turns deadly when Rachel Benjamin's best friend Hilary leaves Rachel's engagement party and sends out an S-O-S. Rachel teams up with her fiance, Peter, best friend Luisa and Ben, the law enforcement officer Hilary dumped the night of the party. Clues literally fall into their laps but, as pieces of the puzzle come together, Rachel worries her relationship with Peter may actually be doomed to fall apart. (Red Dress Ink, Dec., 288 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen