Image of On the Hunt


Image of On the Hunt

Here are four sexy and adventurous stories that will warm you up this winter! Showalter’s steamy story will leave you wanting more. She builds a unique and captivating world where the passion runs high and sparks fly between the warrior king and the hunter. Butcher’s story builds an amazing world in a short period of time. Readers will be thrilled by its rapid-fire pace. In Andersen’s offering, readers will enjoy exciting adventure and romance as the couple fights an ancient evil. Knight weaves a tale of deadly demons with a heavenly love story that is a great ending to the compilation. It’s not all that common to find an anthology where all the stories are winners, but On the Hunt is definitely one of them!

“Ever Night,” by Showalter, brings us Rose, a demon hunter transported to a dark world every year on her birthday — a dark world where the warrior king kills her kind. Each yearly meeting ignites their passion, further complicating their separate worlds. Butcher’s “The Collector” has a warrior out to locate a powerful artifact, but instead he finds a beautiful antiques dealer with a magical touch. Archeologist Natalie Albright gets shut down after concerns that she has awakened local demons in Andersen’s “Crystal Skull.” When the ancient beings attack, she must combine forces with her ex to fight them off. In Knight’s “Red Angel,” demon slayer Jamie Angel has tracked every kind of monster known to man, but nothing can prepare him for falling in love with a creature he’s supposed to kill. (SIGNET, Feb., 448 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes