Crisply paced and edgy, this book is another thrill ride from Lee's masterful pen. Sensitive readers may find it a little too realistic in spots, but the violence is integral to the plot.

Journalist Erin McKenna is having a bad day. Fired from her newspaper job, she goes home -- and surprises burglars in her apartment. When Erin comes to, she's being examined by FBI agent Jerrod Westlake. Erin's computer and all of her DVDs and CDs are gone, leading them to wonder if the break-in is connected to her scheduled testimony against Mercator Industries in federal court.

As a precaution, Jerrod takes Erin to a hotel for the night. The conversation turns to a second case he's working on -- that of a missing teenage girl. Jerrod believes it dovetails with his investigation of Mercator, which may be connected to the international sex-slave trade. Erin volunteers to contact the source that made her suspicious of Mercator in the first place. Joining forces, the two push forward ... even when it becomes crystal-clear that the other side is playing for keeps. (MIRA, Apr., 528 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer