Image of The Hunted (Silhouette Nocturne (Numbered))


Image of The Hunted (Silhouette Nocturne (Numbered))
THE HUNTED (4) by Anna Leonard: Determined to find his life-mate, seal-kin (selkie) Dylan Meridith leaves his safe island hideaway and follows his instincts to Seastone, Mass., where he's drawn to Beth Havelock, a photo restorer and photographer. Unsure of why she's been restless her whole life, Beth finds answers in Dylan, who tells her she's descended from his kind. The two are forced to run together when a ruthless group of people begin hunting Dylan for his skin -- skin that allows a human to completely change his appearance. While the basic premise of this story by Leonard (aka Laura Anne Gilman) is nothing new, Leonard's creation of the seal-kin world is fascinating and original.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay