Image of Hunted


Image of Hunted

Zanetti continues her Dark Protectors series with another vampire brother’s tale. The ominous tone continues and we learn more about the various paranormal species, but reasons for the looming battles are not clear. More historical background and detail about the various shifters, vampires, witches and other creatures would be helpful. The book ends on a strong note with exciting betrayal, a kidnapping and rescue scenes.

Moira is a witch who uses quantum physics to work her magic. She is the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter in a witch family, and as such is destined for great things. She has been mated to vampire warrior Conn, but he has left her alone for a century to grow and learn. Now he is determined to claim Moira as his, at a time when an evil vampire clan is attempting to perfect a virus that will affect vampire mates. Moira is also a trained fighter and teams up with Conn to find missing witches and kidnapped vampire mates. (BRAVA, May, 336 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan