Navy SEAL Hawk McMillan's current assignment is his toughest one ever. Having to cozy up to the deadly and despicable Dragan Dilaver is hard enough; not intervening when he witnesses atrocities is even tougher. But Hawk must discover and recover a deadly weapon that Dilaver has allegedly acquired.

American CIA freelancer Amber Hutchens has managed to survive in the complex and deadly world of Velesta, Macedonia, for the past four years. Operating the Last Resort, an American-style café, has made her popular with NATO forces and proved an excellent avenue for gathering information. Knowing who to trust can save your life and, while Amber has been ordered to join forces with Hawk, she prefers to make her own judgments. But when their little game of tests and one-upmanship turns into a strange form of courtship, distractions can be fatal.

Few authors can hit the ground running and immediately prove they are genre forces to be reckoned with—Low is one of those special few. Her hard-edged, gritty and romantic books are genuine thrill rides. (Jul., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith