Image of The Hunter (Highland Guard, Book 7)


Image of The Hunter (Highland Guard, Book 7)

The Highland Guard, a band of warriors dedicated to securing Robert the Bruce’s place as king, are remarkable heroes, but no more remarkable than the women who match them in spirit and courage. McCarty breathes life into her memorable characters as they face dangerous adventures. The fresh plots, infused with romance and passion, are also brimming with history and drama. She’s outdone herself with this fiery story of a forbidden love. What a fantastic addition to the series!

When a courier goes missing, Ewen Lamont, the Hunter, is sent to track the messenger. Ewen is surprised to find he’s hunting Sister Genna, who is like no nun he has known. Soon, Ewen can’t keep his wayward thoughts about her in line. Sister Genna is actually Janet of Mar, who went into hiding after failing to rescue her sister. Working for the cause and risking her life is a kind of penance. Being forced to travel with Ewen quickly has her longing for a different life. Staving off his desire for Genna is a great challenge, but Ewen has too much honor to defile her. He tries to push her away, but Janet will fight for his love even as their mission puts them in danger. (BALLANTINE, Jul., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin