Molly Ballard has nearly reached the end of her rope. Not only is she responsible for her four younger siblings, but she has just walked off her job at the Wyland Farm after a blow-up with her boss, leaving her financially strapped. So when she stumbles across a bag of money hidden in one of the Wyland barns, Molly temporarily  succumbs to temptation and snatches it. Unfortunately, the money is part of an FBI undercover operation to expose a horse racing scam.

FBI agent Will Lyman already frustrated that he is stuck with this horse case, gets really ticked off when the payoff bag is stolen by an unknown female. Once will realizes that Molly is not connected to the case, he decides to use her to get closer to the prime suspects. The first step is forcing Molly to get her job back at Wyland Farm so that she can check the tattoo numbers of each winning horse. Step two is to pose as Molly's new boyfriend, which allows Will access to his suspects. It also brings Will into contact with the Ballard household and he soon finds himself entangled in more than just the case. Despite the differences in their ages, Molly and Will find the sparks between ignite.

When little Susan Ballard disappears from her bedroom, a grisly past crime seems to be occurring again. Molly and Will are now in a desperate race against time to find Susan.

HUNTER'S MOON is another breathtaking example of Karen Robards at her best. Danger and sexual tension is expertly spiced with humor and tenderness. Another sensational read! (Oct., 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith