Image of Hunter's Rise (The Hunters)


Image of Hunter's Rise (The Hunters)

Fans will be delighted with this addition to the Hunter series, as Walker once again demonstrates her ability to write terrific stories in different genres. The characters are fully alive and, without sacrificing sensuality, the emotions of the protagonists are prominently featured. You will definitely be hunting for more of these tales.

Sylvia has spent a good part of the century since her forced change to a vampire honing her skills as an assassin. She is very particular about the jobs she takes. Some she will even do for free — like hunt down the creep who preys on young boys. She heads to Memphis to take down a killer. But Hunters are established in Memphis, and are after the pedophile themselves, to turn him over for human justice. Not good enough for Sylvia, or the parents who hired her. Toronto is a powerful werewolf and a Hunter. He plays by his own rules, and he needs to beat the mercenary to the perp. One look at Sylvia, however, and the game changes. She has a powerful pull on his heart, something he didn’t even know he had. Sylvia also feels a strong attraction to Toronto, and she does not do attractions. Soon Toronto and Sylvia are swirling in a cloud of purpose, attraction and a nagging sense of … memory? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Apr., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan