Image of Hunting Daylight (Berkley Books)


Image of Hunting Daylight (Berkley Books)

Picking up with events following last year’s Acquainted With the Night, Maitland further explores the trials and tribulations of Caro and Jude Barrett. Told from various perspectives, Hunting Daylight dives deep into the dangerous world of vampires and the obsession of one dangerous man. Taut and engaging, this well-written novel is filled with sacrifice, loss and terror.

To take care of his young family, including wife Caro and 3-year-old daughter Vivi, fugitive vampire Jude Barrett decides to take a temporary job working for the Al-Din Corporation. Tasked with performing research in the rain forest, what Jude doesn’t know is that those who take this job don’t usually return — the madman behind this project has a different agenda. When Jude disappears and is presumed dead, Caro turns to vampire friend Raphael Della Rocca to help them survive the next decade. Darkness once again enters their lives when the Al-Din Corporation decides that a now teenage Vivi could hold the key to the blood disease killing its founder. (BERKLEY, Feb., 560 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith