Burton is back with another intensely sexy and action-packed adventure. The war between the Sons of Darkness and Realm of Light enters round two with all the passion and verve of the first. Sassy, sexy, supernatural thrills!

Wealthy businessman Nic Diavolo has never been close to his father Ben, but he never figured Ben was a demon lord. Nic is one angry man when he is lured and kidnapped by beautiful Shay Pearson and her Realm of the Light friends. While Nic has been troubled by dark dreams of strange creatures, he never expected to see them up close and personal.

For Shay, her gift of visions is a blessing and a curse, for if her future vision is right, then Nic will be forced into a battle for his very soul. Is Shay strong enough to help Nic battle the demons, both within and without?

(DELL, Sep., 448 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith