Charles and Anna Cornick are back in the latest Alpha and Omega novel, and this time they're forced into that most hazardous of occupations -- politics. The timeline in this offshoot-but-no-less-extraordinary series runs slightly behind the Mercy novels, and its main focus is the world of werewolves. Anna really comes into her own over the course of this book. Pure excellence!

It's not much of a honeymoon for newly mated werewolves Anna and Charles. They're needed in Seattle to negotiate with the European wolves on Bran's behalf.

Since their existence is already an open secret within the U.S. government, Bran has decided to take his werewolves public. European wolves, led by Jean Chastel, object, and the negotiations are arduous.

When Anna is attacked by a group of vampires and another alpha wolf's mate is murdered, it becomes apparent someone is bent on sabotage. Suspicion falls on Charles, and if they don't find the true killer, he could take the fall. (ACE, Sep., pp. 320)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith