Human bounty hunter Kane Winter knew there were supernatural creatures. After all, his partner, Duke Monroe, is a shapeshifter. But until Duke is apparently murdered by vampires, Kane stuck with hunting humans. Now he's on a quest to wipe out the vampires.

As both a vampire and a hunter, Kendall's life revolves around removing rogues who prey on humans. Kendall was never attracted to a human until she ran across Kane. For some odd reason, mind control doesn't work on Kane, and he seems to be able to track her. Kane knows that this mystery woman was at the scene of Duke's attack, but how is she involved?

Kendall's past holds dark secrets and one major mistake. That tragic mistake is about to come back to haunt her and anyone near her. And Kane is about to get a crash course in vengeance and attraction, vampire style.

Another promising voice is joining the paranormal genre by bringing her own take on the ever-evolving vampire myth. Walker has set up the bones of an interesting world and populated it with some intriguing characters. Hopefully, there will be a sequel that ties together more threads and divulges more details. (Jul., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith