In an alternate universe, where a brush with death can bring about rebirth as a different creature, Neecy rules as second in command of the Jersey crows. They answer to the Viking goddess Skuld, who snatches her chosen young women on the brink of death and transforms them into her winged followers. Will Yager is leader of the Ravens, who serve Odin, who picks the finest male warriors to transform into his followers. The Crows and the Ravens are often at odds, yet are not enemies.

When the hunting season starts, Neecy is critically injured and brought to Will for healing. Now the Crows and the Ravens are working together and are after one specific Crow, but why and which one is a mystery.

This imaginative and creative story has absolutely wonderful characters, and the interaction among them is excellent. The point of view changes rapidly between many different characters, which gets the reader involved with all of them. Keeping track of how their world functions can be confusing, but this tale certainly keeps your interest and leaves you eager for more. (dl $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley