When they were younger they'd stuck together, the residents of Key Largo, in an area full of tourists. When they grew up, some stayed and some moved away, looking for a different kind of life. Now, one by one they're coming homethe most recent arrival being Kelsey Cunningham.

At the request of her friend Sheila, Kelsey returns to Key Largo. Only once she gets there, Sheila is gone and Kelsey is certain something is amiss.

Enter Dane Whitelaw, who came back to Key Largo in an attempt to put his life back together. He doesn't anticipate finding a picture under his door of Sheila, dead, on his property. Who is trying to set Dane up and why?

Kelsey, Dane and company are thrust into danger as her investigations land them in hot water. Someone is determined to stop her from asking so many questions, and is equally determined to point the finger elsewhere. Kelsey must decide who to turn to, and her past feelings, still burning bright, have her leaning towards Dane.

Readers will be drawn into the world and adventures of these friendsit seems that almost everyone has something to hide. Demonstrating the skills that have made her one of today's best storytellers, Ms. Graham delivers one of this year's best books thus far. (Apr., 352 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson