Pilot Hannah Lamont is running out of options when the Learjet she is ferrying develops serious problems. Luckily, she spies a tiny island complete with a small landing strip. Hannah deduces she has landed in a strange land when she is chewed out by the locals for busting up an important poker game. It seems that the inhabitants of tiny Treasure Island settle all their disputes and governmental issues by playing poker.

Former Top Gun Buck Shanahan escaped from life and a bad marriage by opening the airport on Treasure Island. Suddenly, he must deal with two different Hannahs -- one is truly a force of nature (a hurricane), the other merely seems like one. To Hannah's dismay, the one local creature immediately smitten with her is Buster, the island's only alligator. Stuck until the hurricane passes, Hannah figures joining in with the nuttiness is better than fighting it.

Offbeat charm and oddball characters enliven Civil–Brown's wonderfully comic tale. Some books just hit all the right notes, and this charmer certainly does. A sense of community and caring elevates the story's outlandish humor, making it not only a keeper but also a book to share with others! (Jun., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith