Julia Innes is shocked when her surgeon husband, Thomas, is accused of murder. Especially since the murder—which took the life of Thomas' first wife—happened 12 years ago and another man is in prison for the crime. Now new evidence comes to light that sets the convicted man free and has Julia working to prove her husband's innocence.

Cameron Lazlo is the homicide detective who "solved" the murder years ago, and he's determined to prove he was right. But as more time passes, it looks as if Thomas just may be the guilty party. It also doesn't help that Cam is extremely attracted to Julie and greatly dislikes Thomas. Soon Julie realizes that the marriage she always thought of as satisfactory is, in fact, quite empty.

The mystery is so engrossing that you won't want to put this book down. Wonderfully suspenseful, Erickson's novel also features a nice understated romance. Secondary characters add to the overall enjoyment of this well-written romantic suspense. (Dec., 390 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley