In order to preserve her inheritance, Lady Gillian Marley must marry before her 30th birthday, just two months away. A practical widow, Gillian makes a list of potential husbands that meet her requirments. Impoverished Richard Shelton, Earl of Shelbrooke, is her most likely candidate.

Once known as Londons greatest rogue, Richard has become a steady man, concerned with caring for his sisters, aunts and estates. Desperate for funds, he assumes a false identity to earn money as an artist. Painting as Etienne Louis Toussaint, Richard earns a respectable reputation even Gillian admires Toussaint.

Richard has only two months to seduce Gillian away from the idea of a marriage of convenience. Hell resort to anything, including wooing her as his alter ego.

Soon Gillian isnt sure whether she is more interested in her legacy or the two men in her life; the desirable Richard or the sensual, seductive Toussiant.

Weaving in threads of a secondary romance and a cast of charming char-acters, THE HUSBAND LIST is a bit of froth and frolic that is destined to delight when you are looking for witty repartee and a delicious love story. SENSUAL (Aug., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin