THE HUSBAND SHOW by Kristine Rolofson (3): Aurora Jones was content living her life alone, running her bar, but she never counted on meeting sexy Jake Hove. Jake was passing through town on a bonding road trip with his recently discovered daughter, on the way to visit his brother. Planning on stopping for just a day or two, he is not expecting Aurora. Intrigued despite himself, by both Aurora and his daughter’s instantaneous liking of her, he stays longer than originally planned. Without realizing it — and with the help of the very nosey small town — Aurora and Jake are putting down roots together, but it will take a misunderstanding for them to realize what they have. Rolofson’s characters are wonderful — both snarky and sweet, they are truly lovable. Readers will love the town as well and anticipate Rolofson's next book.

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper