In desperate need of a wife to save his estates, Peril, Earl of Whitmore, arrives at the Convent of the Brides of Virtue to find the ideal woman. The convent, renowned for training young woman to become perfect wives, is his last resort. What he doesnt expect is to be saddled with a neophyte who must test his worthiness as a husband.

The convents abbess sees this as an opportunity to rid herself of a troublesome, but well-meaning novice, Eloise, who is more of a trial than a blessing. She insists Eloise test Peril to see if he is perfect husband material. But as Eloise begins to turn his home and his life upside down, Peril discovers its difficult to deny his attraction to Eloise. Secrets will be revealed and desire kindled as Eloise and Peril discover the true meaning of love.

With her quirky sense of humor and her delightful talent for creating memorable characters, Betina Krahn has penned another keeper. This funny battle-of-wills tale will have you laughing so hard tears will fall from your eyes and youll heave a deep sigh wishing this story could go on. Ms. Krahns talents know few bounds, but she seems to stretch them again with this The Sound of Music meets Camelot romance. SENSUAL (Dec., 392 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin