Connealy has written another wonderful historical, and her trademark humor
is apparent throughout. There's also romance, adventure and even some
suspense thrown in. Don't miss this
great new read.

Belle Tanner just buried her third worthless husband under a sprawling tree. Her main concerns now are her daughters and getting her cattle to market before winter sets in. She hires cowpuncher Silas Harden to help drive the cattle across the Rockies, a treacherous trip. Silas just escaped marrying against his will -- only to lose his ranch in the process. With both Belle and Silas determined never to get tangled up with marriage again, love seems bound to lasso them in. Will they survive the drive and make it to the winter unhitched? (BARBOUR, Jan., 320 pp., $10.97)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans