Criminal profiler Ivy Dunlap gets a request for help that chills her to the marrow. The Madonna Murderer, a cruel predator who kills infant sons and their single mothers, is victimizing Chicago. The kicker is that 20 years earlier, Ivy, then known as Claudia, was victimized by a similar killer. Unbeknownst to the murderer, although her son died, Claudia lived.

Now Claudia, or rather Ivy, heads for Chicago. Paired with cop Max Irving, Ivy works on her profile, all the while intending to lure the killer out of hiding. Her plan backfires when the killer abducts Max's son Ethan, who would be the same age as her own dead child, quite easily. In a race against time, Ivy and Max must pull out all the stops to save Ethan.

Intense and gripping, HUSH is a fantastic first effort that will please all who love "serial" crimes. Gentler readers should note that there are very graphic details. (Available now, 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg