Family, farming and forgiveness enrich the deceptively simple double plot of HUSH. Veteran writer Judy Christenberry skillfully incorporates several generations of the Oklahoma Crawford clan in her touching story.

Pregnant Georgie lands at the Crawfords' farm doorstep—her condi- tion revealing an old family secret. Her presence strains a long and stable marriage and stirs up trouble in some newer unions as well.

The author's deft touch in building a moment—such as in the details of gruff patriarch Caleb slowly thawing to Georgie's presence, or the longing another character feels for her— adds to the many pleasures of this read.

Christenberry's superb command of the nuances of familial relationships, paired with her brisk pacing and tender characterizations, help this book—the seventh in the Circle K Sisters series—shine just fine on its own. (Sep., 136 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison