Image of Hush Money (Spenser Book 26)


Image of Hush Money (Spenser Book 26)

One wouldn't expect to find Boston PI Spenser—one of the coolest heroes in mysterydom—to be investigating a tenure case, but he takes it as a favor to his friend Hawk. Robinson Nevins, an African American scholar, has been denied tenure due to some nasty rumors about his involvement with a male student activist who later committed suicideor did he?

Meanwhile, Spenser's girlfriend Susan asks him to help a friend of hers who's being stalked. Spenser and Hawk take care of the stalker, but then, in an odd twist, Spenser himself becomes the object of a womans dangerously twisted desires.

As Spenser wades deeper and deeper into a swamp of academic politics, turf wars, and homicidal urges, his stalker goes for brokeand it will take all of his, Susans, and Hawks combined strengths to survive.

This is one of the best mystery series arounda classic for more than 20 years—and the adventures of Spenser, Hawk, and Susan continue to be fresh, funny, and intelligent. If you like fast action, gripping plots, and characters youll feel youve known for years, check out Spenser & company! (Apr., 336 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie