Image of I Adored a Lord: The Prince Catchers


Image of I Adored a Lord: The Prince Catchers

The Prince Catchers return as one more sister attempts to fulfill the prophecy and marry a prince to uncover her parentage. A locked-castle murder forms the foundation of a non-stop plot that brings a nontraditional hero and heroine together as amateur detectives. The engaging secondary characters, mayhem and mystery — plus a charming romance — add up to a lively read worthy of a Shakespearean comedy.

Though Ravenna Caulfield is more interested in animals than people, she understands her sisters’ need to uncover their parents’ identities and goes along with her family’s wish that she attend a bride ball in the mountains of France. All seems well until a snowstorm prevents anyone from leaving the castle, a body is discovered in a suit of armor, a darling dog is stolen and Ravenna is thrust into Lord Vitor Courtenay’s arms. Vitor would rather spend time with the religious hermit on the hill than with a bevy of beauties, but Ravenna interests him. As they solve the crime, desire flares, passion explodes and the love of a prince is forgotten. (AVON, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin