The timing couldn't have been worse for former Delta Force member and vampire Alec Reynard. The drugs that allow him to function during daylight hours and suppress his allergies to silver and garlic aren't fully effective.

This interferes with his capacity to protect both vampires and humans. The last thing he needs while working a new job at Lancer Protection Services is a bonding urge raising his emotions and bloodlust all too close to the surface.

Domini Lancer has joined her grandfather's company and is good at what she does. When she meets their new team member, Alec, she's extremely disturbed because she recognizes him from the strange dreams she's been having. Before long, a strong compulsion takes hold of her.

With her new twist on ancient vampire lore, Sizemore creates an excellent and utterly engaging new world. I BURN FOR YOU is sexy, exciting and just plain thrilling. It's the perfect start for a hot new series. (Oct., 345 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith