Image of I Can Make You Love Me


Image of I Can Make You Love Me

Remember that cute little boy that you babysat while you were in high school? There was a 15-year age difference then, but now ... ? This is a slightly
different twist on the older woman-younger man dynamic, and it works.

Divorcee Wynn Evans has made a good life for herself and her two young sons while running her business, Nursing Solutions. Sparks fly when she has a chance meeting with a boy she babysat when she was in high school -- but he's all grown up now, and a 30-year-old corporate lawyer.

Even though she doesn't see a long-term future with Adam, she is perfectly willing to have a little fun right now. But Adam wants more. And the pesky ex-husband who didn't want Wynn when he had her, wants her back now that there's another man on the scene. Fortunately, Wynn has better sense -- we hope. (DAFINA, Oct., 356 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins