Image of I Can See You


Image of I Can See You

Rose introduces her new Minneapolis law enforcement team with an intense procedural with a malevolent killer. Virtual and real worlds collide in this terrifying tale of stalking and murder. Rose's realistic characters have been damaged but struggle to move forward. Readers get a top-notch and diabolically clever suspense tale and also get a tender love story to boot. It's definitely one for your keeper shelf!

Eve Wilson barely survived a violent attack that left her scarred physically and mentally. Plastic surgery has fixed the outer scars, and Eve hopes her thesis regarding virtual communities will restart her life. When she learns about the "suicides" of several of her test subjects in the Shadowland community, Eve is alarmed.

After arriving at a second murder scene that looks like a "suicide," homicide detective Noah Webster is convinced a serial killer is at work. When Noah learns of Eve's suspicions and connection to the victims, he becomes concerned. This devilish killer knows all too much about his victims and is torturing them with their greatest fears. (GRAND CENTRAL, Aug., 480 pp., $18.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith