Image of I Dream of Genies


Image of I Dream of Genies

I Dream of Genies is a very predictable read. There is too much dependency on sarcasm rather than real humor or wit. Furthermore, there are some plot problems: The antagonist never seems like a serious threat, and in the end the genie high master reveals that he knew everything that was happening all along — so why didn’t he intervene when the protagonist was unfairly banished in the first place? Very unsatisfying.

Genie Eden was banished to her bottle for 2,000 years as punishment for killing her master, but at least she gets to watch gorgeous Matt Ewing in his daily run past her bottle’s perch. When Eden’s bottle is thrown in the trash, she escapes and falls right into Matt’s lap. Eden must find all the pieces necessary to free herself for good before evil vizier Faruq returns her to captivity — or worse, keeps her for himself. Much to Eden’s delight, Matt helps out every step of the way … but she must be careful not to fall in love with him, as doing so will turn her into a mortal. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jan., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen