After celebrating her new promotion, Renee Esterhaus unexpectedly finds herself arrested and accused of robbery and aggravated assault. Somehow a gun and stolen money are found in her unlocked car and when even her court-appointed attorney doubts her innocence, Renee panics and runs. Even though she has been on the straight and narrow for years, her juvenile criminal history is haunting her once again.

As fate would have it, Max Leandro, a sleazy bounty hunter, is hot on her trail. Renee manages to escape Max once, but knows that in order to get out of town, she needs to seduce a willing man. But her intended target is none other than vacationing Tolosa police detective John DeMarco. Will she add assaulting an officer and stealing his car to her sins? John DeMarco, who has always been a straight-arrow cop, cant believe the situation he now finds himself in. How did he get mixed up with this woman?

Hold on to your hats, talented newcomer Jane Graves is launching readers on a wild, outrageous, and touching adventure that is well worth the ride! (Sep., 336 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith