Carlson's fun and fascinating new
series is sure to delight. The four roommates are detailed and interesting,
and their situations will likely mirror those of many readers: jobs, moving, relationships, friendships and money. Although the novel ends slightly
abruptly, it definitely leaves one
eagerly anticipating the sequel.

Kendall is rich, spoiled and needs to find a way to make some money now that her parents have left her to support herself and her expensive shopping habits. She's living in her grandmother's house, and if she can find the right roommates, Kendall can have a nice income. Anna, Lelani and Megan all want to leave their current living situations and move in, but the house isn't exactly as Kendall described it. Can the four women work together and learn to get along? (DAVID C. COOK, Apr., 288 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel