Image of I Love This Bar (Honky Tonk)


Image of I Love This Bar (Honky Tonk)

Normally Brown’s contemporary romps are jam-packed, but this one is just too busy to be entirely enjoyable. Jarod spends too long being prejudiced against Daisy for owning a bar. Uncle Emmit may be faking his Alzheimer’s. And instead of Chigger’s sexuality adding dimension to her character, this sex-crazed sidekick has little emotional depth. Ultimately, there are just too many characters and not enough plot to go around in this oddly engrossing read.

Daisy O’Dell owns the Honky Tonk bar and she loves her life the way it is. But then sexy Jarod McElroy moves to town to help out on his Uncle Emmit’s ranch. Jarod’s uncle Emmit has Alzheimer’s and is convinced that Daisy has married Jarod. Despite Jarod’s belief that bar owners are worthless, he wants to please Emmit, so Jarod gets Daisy to agree to a sham marriage. And suddenly Chigger, the town good-times girl and longtime bar patron, has decided to strike up a friendship with Daisy and help the course of true love. Now Daisy isn’t certain of anything except her love for the bar. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jun., 384 pp., $6.99)
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Whitney Kate Sullivan