Twenty-first-century women may have their bad boys, but these three writers prove that sexy, naughty, rogues have existed throughout history.

Princess Zuleika of Dariyabar would rather give herself to barbarian Amir Khan than marry her ruthless cousin. She offers Khan her hand in marriage in exchange for entrance to the city. Khan finds the bold, beautiful princess to his liking, and once he has her in his bed, he is the one to surrender. Their highly sensual games, played out with their best friends, are an erotic romance reader's fantasy come true. Small is at her best in 'Zuleika and Her Barbarian,' a tale so sensual that it made me blush—and keep reading for more.

Devine demonstrates all she knows about sexy games and surrender in 'All the Secret Pleasures,' as wealthy young widow Corinna encounters the man she once spurned—Simon Chatsworth, who can easily meet her sensual needs, but who wants much more. He is out to win Corinna's hand in marriage, and he's willing to give her any fantasy she wants on the way to the altar.

Sparkling with humor, charm and just enough sexual tension, Bonander's 'The Bedroom Is Mine' is the least explicit of the novellas, but just as fun to read. Logging tycoon Ross Benedict bets he'll never shave off his beard for a woman, but his sassy sister has other plans when she sends logging camp cook Lily Sawyer to live in his cabin while he's away. It's a delight to watch these two stubborn people fall in love. Three novellas, three degrees of sensuality, all marvelous. (Dec., 315 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin