Image of I Married the Duke: The Prince Catchers


Image of I Married the Duke: The Prince Catchers

The Prince Catchers series, centering on three sisters determined to marry princes, begins with a bang. Even the slow start doesn’t prevent readers from being enchanted by the sassy heroine, and her sharp dialogue keeps the dashing, arrogant hero on his toes. I Married the Duke is well written, carefully plotted and original. Ashe intrigues readers with an adventure, a romance and a mystery, all of which will keep them eager for the next installment.

Since childhood, Arabella Caulfield has believed the Gypsy prophecy that says she must marry a prince to find an heirloom that will lead to her long-lost father. She has only days to meet her prince and marry him, and she must convince “pirate” captain Lucien Westfall to take her to France. The new Duke of Lycombe is wary of the beautiful governess needing passage to his brother’s castle. He fears she may be a spy sent by his family. Taking Arabella to her destination will keep her close enough for him to watch. When they are attacked by robbers, Lucien places his trust in Arabella and she realizes he’s more of a man then any prince. (AVON, Sep., 370 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin