Image of I Own the Dawn (The Night Stalkers)


Image of I Own the Dawn (The Night Stalkers)

Buchman ramps up the military action in the second installment of his Night Stalkers series. The well-written characters provide a fun sneak peek into the life of Army soldiers, as well as some of their nifty machinery (planes and helicopter s!). Readers will also enjoy reuniting with characters from the first book and meeting a few new ones. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

A street kid turned Army Sergeant, Kee Smith’s dreams have come true: She has been placed in the elite Special Operations Aviation Regiment, otherwise known as SOAR. When the DAP Hawk, a Black Hawk helicopter, comes into view, Kee wants on the chopper more than anything. First Lieutenant Archibald Jeffrey Stevenson III, aka Archie, the co-pilot of the DAP Hawk, is smitten with the petite soldier the second he spots her, but it’s against Army rules for an officer to have a relationship with an enlisted soldier. When the two come across an 11-year-old orphan while on a mission, the little girl begins to break down the barriers between them. But when Kee and Archie are called into a top-secret mission, and they realize it was never officially approved, they must stop a mission of revenge in time to prevent a war. If they make it out alive, Kee and Archie may be able to build a life for themselves, and a little girl lost. (SOURCEBOOKS, Aug., 388 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson