Jordan Williams is having a crisis. How can he tell his father hes leaving the family business and starting his own? Deciding no time is the right time, Jordan plans to tell his father at the family gathering that evening. His announcement is preempted, however, by his twin brother, Malcolm-who proposes to his girlfriend in front of the entire ensemble of family and friends.

With his mother nearly in a faint, his father in an uproar and everyone else in gentle pandemonium, Jordan escapes into the soothing darkness of the garden. Hes barely taken a breath before his brothers fiancie approaches and proceeds to tearfully break off her engagement. He tries to tell her hes not Malcolm, but she cuts him off. As he watches the beautiful woman before him, Jordan cant stop the desire that fills his body. Knowing its wrong, he asks for a goodbye kiss, and thats how Malcolm finds himin the midst of a mind-blowing kiss with his almost future sister-in-law!

Christian cant believe shes made such a mess of her friendship with Malcolm. When he proposed, she only said yes to save him from embarrassment with his family. How could she have known he had a twin brother? To make matters worse, shes attracted to Jordan in a way shes never been attracted to Malcolm. Even as Jordan pursues her and tries to convince her to give their love a chance, Christian is dealing with her own tragic secret that keeps her from committing to any relationship.

Though she long ago accepted shed live her life without love, she never imagined the unbearable pain her decision would bring. Nor could she have imagined Jordans persistence and his determination to give them both the happiness only true love can bring.

I PROMISE is a lovely story of loss, love and restoration written in Ms. Byrds fluid, graceful style and loving voice. (June, 280 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson