Image of Since I Saw You: A Because You Are Mine Novel


Image of Since I Saw You: A Because You Are Mine Novel

Readers will be floored by the explosive sexual connection between the main characters in this Because You Are Mine novel. This story is hot enough to melt icebergs in the middle of Antarctica, and fans of true love will be convinced that it really does exist. The dialogue, emotional connection and even the settings (including the bedroom) are all so real, which makes this a truly incredible read. This is definitely Kery’s best work to date!

Lin Soong thinks it’s just another day at the office until she is sent to meet with brilliant billionaire Kam Reardon, the half-brother of her boss, Ian Noble. They try to hide their undeniable attraction, but true colors are revealed sooner rather than later. Kam insists that Lin be open to erotic ideas that she’s never even thought of, and surprisingly she agrees. Lin’s sexual appetite is bigger than she thought, and the pair just can’t get enough of each other. Is there a limit to what Lin can handle, and will Kam want to stop now that he’s found himself in too deep? (BERKLEY, May, 352 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi