After Nell McDermottgranddaughter of beloved former congressman Cornelius McDermottand her husband Adam have an argument, both storm out of the house. That evening, Adams boat blows upand there are no survivors.

Nell, while stunned by his death, goes on with her planned run for Congress. But she cant help wishing for one last communication with Adam, to tell him shes sorry, to say goodbye. When a medium claims to have contacted Adam, Nells sceptical, even though shes had psychic experiences in the past. What she learns, however, makes her determined to find out the truth behind Adams deathand may lead to her own. For theres someone behind the scenes, who planned Adams death and is now watching and waiting for Nell to come closer

Heart-stopping, nail-biting romantic suspenseon her 25th publishing anniversary, Mary Higgins Clark triumphs again! (May, 396 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie