Four years ago, paramedic Dia Courvant arrived at the scene of a terrible crash and found her husband, Mac, dead. In shock, Dia did the only thing she could -- she saved the life of the man in the other car.

Coral Springs homicide detective Brig Hafferty suspects that a recent spate of deadly traffic accidents is really crime scenes. Sure enough, explosives are found, which means someone is causing the crashes. At the most recent pileup, Brig requests Dia's help. While she noticed nothing strange at the crash site, getting flowers from a mystery admirer causes her concern. Soon it's apparent that Dia has a very clever -- and potentially dangerous -- stalker. At the same time, she has dreams where Mac tries to warn her about something. As the killer proves he can reach Dia at any time, Brig searches for clues to catch him.

Talk about putting readers on the edge of their seats! Lisle's new thriller is a gut-wrenching combination of terror and romance, with a touch of the paranormal. The well-defined characters breathe life into this creepy, intense tale, making it truly unforgettable. (Jul., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith