Readers’ favorite church secretary and rabbi are back in the latest Psalm 23 mystery! Questions about Jeremiah’s past are cliffhanger bait for the next book, but it left this reader wanting more information. Overall, this is an enjoyable story, even if the ending comes together too conveniently.

After they helped to put a serial killer behind bars, life was beginning to get back to normal for church secretary Cindy Preston and the Rabbi Jeremiah. However, when Cindy attends a function for a charity that pairs homeless people with rescue dogs, she stumbles across a dead body and begins to think that living a normal life isn’t in her future. Then the unthinkable happens: a serial killer targets the homeless recipients and steals their dogs. Cindy and Jeremiah work with the police to solve the crime, but soon realize they have to be careful of who they trust if they want to stay alive. (ABINGDON, Oct., 265 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Chandra McNeil