Targeting a controversial contemporary issue: possibly condemning an innocent person to be executed by the American court system, the terrific Rachel Lee does a masterful job turning on the tension and suspense!

Disillusioned former prosecutor Carissa Stover has built a new career as a left-leaning radio show personality, Carey Justice. Carey's past is about to catch up with her when she hears that the governor has signed a death warrant for convicted murderer John Williams Otis. Years ago, Carey helped convict John Otis, but she has always regretted her decision not to question the evidence on which the case was built. Carey is secretly afraid that the wrong man was convicted and twenty two days from now, an innocent man could be executed.

When Carey raises the case on her talk show, it ignites a storm of controversy and brings out an anonymous caller who claims that John Otis did not kill his foster parents, the caller did. Unsure whether the call is a hoax, Carey contacts her former lover, police officer, Seamus Rourke. At first Seamus writes the caller off as a crank, but when people associated with the case start getting murdered, Seamus rapidly reassess the situation. Is John Williams Otis innocent? Or is there a copy cat killer on the loose? Carey and Seamus have fewer than twenty days to find out if the wrong man is about to die.

(July, 374 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith