Image of I Spy a Naughty Game (SHADO Agency)


Image of I Spy a Naughty Game (SHADO Agency)

Action-suspense meets explicit sex in this continuation of Davis’ I Spy series. It’s as if your favorite government agent anti-terrorist TV show was X-rated. Each page features either pulse-pounding action or super-charged sex — you don’t get a chance to catch your breath. You’ll find a variety of kinks in this book: M/M, anal, bondage, domination and multiple partners.

Blaze and Emma are operatives for a super-secret government agency. They had a falling-out months ago when Emma couldn’t deal with Blaze’s dominant lifestyle and all of the toys and equipment in his basement. Now they have to go undercover, posing as a dom and a sub, in order to track down a high-level government executive who’s in league with a terrorist group. The group plans to explode a bomb with biological capabilities that would wipe out most of the Mid-Atlantic region. They need to capture the traitor and find the bomb before it can be transferred. Emma discovers she has the capacity to handle a lot of things that she didn’t expect — both on the job and in the sack! (HEAT, Sep., 278 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan