Image of I Spy a Wicked Sin (SHADO Agency)


Image of I Spy a Wicked Sin (SHADO Agency)

This well-paced, clever thriller starts off strong and gets better with each chapter. Davis has created a trio of likable characters and one thoroughly nasty villain. You'll feel the heat emanating from the pages thanks to frequent scenes of menage and M/M sex --
and the "vanilla" sex is anything but.

Secret agent Lily Vale is undercover to nab the traitor Jude St. Laurent, believed to have stolen a weapon of mass destruction and sold it to an enemy country. Jude recently suffered an accident that left him legally blind and unable to remember much of his past, and Lily is posing as his personal assistant. Their attraction is instant; their sexual appetites more than compatible. Lily is falling for the man she is supposed to kill -- and she starts having doubts about his guilt. (HEAT, Feb., 288 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener