Image of I Take This Woman (Indigo)


Image of I Take This Woman (Indigo)

Canton has a knack for bringing sports figures and situations to the center stage without fawning over them. In I Take This Woman, readers are treated to a romance between a former editor and a retired NFL star. The only drawback to this enjoyable story is the habit the author has of describing a scene or action and then having the characters verbalize it. It adds unnecessarily to the length of the book. The story is told with humor and affection, however.

Abigail Carey, who was one of the top book editors in the publishing game, is now head of a publicity firm. She feels no need to add to her résumé. But a friend calls in a favor and she agrees to help a former star quarterback with his autobiography. Sam Best has been stuck on the first 40 pages of his autobiography with a deadline looming. Enter Abby, with her take-no-prisoners approach. She manages to get Sam focused on the book but Sam, who is engaged to another woman, is also focused on her. Since Abby has been the spurned wife, she doesn’t want to break up another woman’s relationship. (GENESIS/INDIGO LOVE SPECTRUM, May, 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins