Ladys companion Emma Grayson is an independent-minded, sharp-tongued, attractive young woman. Its that intelligence that has gotten her fired from three positions in six months. Emma cant afford to lose her job, but she cant seem to stay out of trouble or out of financier Edison Stokes way.

Its at a weekend party in the country that Emma first encounters Edisoninside an armoire she hides in to avoid being seen by a lecherous acquaintance. They next meet when shes trying to conceal a body.

Edison is at the party to answer an old friends plea to find the person who stole an ancient text containing the recipes for powerful potions. Edison fears that the man hes seeking is ready to try a concoction on a woman during the party.

To protect Emma, Edison hires her as his assistant, but hes unable to stop her from getting into trouble or not following his rules like an obedient servant.

Emma likes the challenge Edison poses and shes ready for any kind of danger until the killer strikes and she realizes just what peril awaits them. Somehow she and Edison must find away about of the tangled web spun by a clever murderer.

Amanda Quicks wry sense of humor and sensuality (yes, quite a bit) is at an all-time high in I THEE WED, making it a Top Pick when it was published in hardcover. Witty, funny, and memorable everything that makes an Amanda Quick romance special is here. Bravo, Ms. Quick youre on the way to the bestseller list with I THEE WED. SENSUAL (On-sale Feb., 416 pp., $7.50—Hardcover published April 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin